Monday, January 13, 2014

Some gems we dredged up from the basement...

Some gems we dredged up from the basement...

"A Grecian beauty reveals her most secret thoughts and passions as she describes her many sensual nights of Lesbian love. Her budding desires awaken on the isle of Lesbos. Voluptuous pleasures she had never known transform her young body into trembling submission"

"actual interviews with prostitutes, homosexuals, pimps and "Johns" in which we hear them tell the fascinating story of their lives; their experiences, how they work, what they do and why, the money they receive and the money they pay; their fears, anxieties, hopes and strange loves... all in their own words in a a frank, graphic and revealing description of a way of life few of us know or understand." 

"Vividly dramatized by the sultry voiced "Ilona", an actress of great talent and beauty" ... "Constance Chatterley bares her most intimate emotions as she tells of her erotic raptures and sexual fulfillment."

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